Ali Shahbazi was born in Iran, a country of immense mystical beauty and warm hearted kind people. It is a land where the resilient spirit and generosity of people rises above all other despair and grief.

Ali Shahbazi

Painting / Architectural

It was during a business trip to a neighboring country in 2011 that he witnessed a dreadful scene involving a woman. She was in love with a man, but was being forced to marry her cousin. Instead of being subjected to this arranged marriage, she set herself on fire.

 For about two months, all Ali could think about were shocking images from that day. Ali‘s friend and former sociology professor recommended he expresses his thoughts artistically. He found that painting was the outlet that his soul needed to process this and many other examples of the repression of women in the Middle East. Ali tries to convey his innermost thoughts through his art. Each canvas attempts to convey a certain aspect of struggle, dignity and the human right to live free.

My passion for painting was sparked by witnessing horrific and tragic scenes surrounding the oppression of women. I focus my art on portraying women’s trials and triumphs, highlighting their pain, sorrow and helplessness, while spotlighting their quiet resilience. I believe my paintings are very relevant to current events around the world.
People tend to relate to my work and find it deeply touching and thought provoking. I hope you agree.